Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Risk Factors to Consider When You Make Dietary Changes

My cousin saved my life.  My plan to repay him is to pay it forward to anyone considering making positive food changes in their diet.  He's one of the few doctors I know who believes there are other alternatives besides prescription medicine for food related illnesses.  He suspected something I was eating was causing inflammation when I told him my blood pressure readings were off the charts.  He warned me about the consequences of visiting urgent care – a lifetime of prescription medicine that might only mask the real problem.  72 hours later my blood pressure was in the normal range.  I'm one of the lucky ones. 

If you're considering dietary changes to improve your health, please do not consider this blog as a substitute for your doctor.  You will need your doctor to be your partner and to watch over you as you experiment with new foods.  Even healthy food choices may put you at risk if you're taking prescription medicine because your body may no longer need the same doses.  Be proactive.  Ask for lipid panel tests so you can see for yourself what's happening inside your body as you make dietary changes.  If you want to try the food experiment first introduced to me by my cousin, consult your physician first and discuss any risk factors you may face.  Have a great day.

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