Friday, September 16, 2016

Are You Suffering From Poor Food Choices?

Imagine how much healthier you could be if you made better food choices throughout the day.  I believe the first choice you make in the morning sets the tone.  Set your breakfast bar high and choose foods dense in nutrients so your brain can be ready for every decision you make throughout the day.  Proceed with caution and recognize how other non-food related choices may cause trouble in your food chain.  For example, your snooze button may seem appealing until you realize oversleeping forces skipped meals or hasty grabs for junk food as you rush out the door.

Study your behavior patterns.  Don't shop for groceries while your stomach is growling at you.  Plan your lists and stick to them.  Review your food decisions every night before you go to bed and commit to doing better the following day.  Guilt is not a wise option.  It's your brain's permission slip to keep blowing it.  Search for something you did right and build on that.  Set up your food decisions like dominoes so each choice you make affects the next domino.  Once everything falls into place you can end your misery from excessive weight, low energy or other food related diseases.  What will your first choice be today?  Have a great day.

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