Saturday, June 18, 2016

Three P's to Get You Ready

Another important mile marker is approaching.  It's one week from today.  Our men's 4.0 tennis team is competing for a state championship.  The competition is tough.  We face an undefeated team.  I like our odds of a successful outcome.  It all comes down to the three P's – plan, prepare, perform.  It all started near the beginning of the year when I received an email from our team captain.  He shared his plan and asked me to be a part of it.  The initiation was rough – I played singles and lost in straight sets.  My new teammates all got wins.  What happened next showed me how special this team is.  Notes of encouragement flooded my inbox.  I got invited to special practices to improve my game.  My confidence soared.  The plan was in place and we spent four months preparing for our championship match on Saturday.  Win or lose, we're ready to perform at our peak levels.

Take the three P's with you wherever you go.  Make a plan.  Prepare for the mile markers ahead.  Perform.  Treat the mile markers as guide posts to help you stay on course to a happy, healthy life.  And if you find yourself playing for the men's national doubles championships at age 90, be sure to thank your younger partner for his willingness to be a part of the three P's.  Remember, it's never too early to put your plan together or to begin preparing.  Keep performing until the final curtain call.  Have a great day.

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