Monday, June 6, 2016

How Champions are Made

The sun finally came out on the last day at the French Open yesterday.  Novak Djokovic added the elusive trophy to impressive resume at the age of 29.  Many believe that's the age most players begin slowing down and dropping out of the top rankings.  I have a feeling Novak could change our views about aging.  He began his championship pursuit with a dream and did everything possible to turn that dream into a reality.  The same thing happened with a young twenty-two year old.  She grew up wanting to be the best tennis player in the world.  On Saturday, she beat her childhood idol to fulfill that dream.

If you want to be a champion, the first step is to dream it.  Then, practice, practice, practice.  Champions never give up.  They don't blame their parents for being born into a part of the world that is war-torn.  They just find a way to win no matter how challenging the odds.  Are you ready to dream today?  More importantly, are you ready to do everything it takes to achieve that dream?  I'm cheering for you.  Have a great day.

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