Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Paper or Plastic?

Yesterday we introduced a new credit card at my day job and the reviews are coming in.  I understand the tight rope others walk choosing paper or plastic.  Those free offers flood the mail box with all kinds of smoking deals but they can be dangerous carcinogens for the undisciplined.  If credit card debt  is a disease, I'm a stage IV survivor.  The smell of plastic turns me off.  But I'm also a frugalite and I enjoy using my creativity to save a buck.  My wife and I committed to using our rewards card to buy gas, groceries and other purchases for twelve months.  We promised each other to pay all balances in full.  One dollar of interest means it's time to go back to paper.  This is a challenge.  If we stay disciplined, we can trade in our rewards certificate for a couple of Ben Franklin's.   I'll let you know how the challenge goes.  Have a great day.

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