Thursday, June 9, 2016

Push Your Boundaries to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Got bruised knees?  Don't worry.  This is part of the process of growing and maturing.  Your bruised knees are evidence you're pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.  The same thing is true about your critics.  People attack you when you're making mistakes.  Thank them.  They're simply identifying your areas needing improvement.  You will always have critics, unless you're not failing.  Be careful when your peanut gallery disappears.  It may mean you're playing it too safe.  You will never become the best version of yourself by remaining in the shallow end of life.

Go ahead.  Get muddy.  Fail.  Get back up.  Find a way to get past that obstacle in front of you.  Keep learning.  Be a little bit better today than you were yesterday.  You are a work in progress.  Push your boundaries and become the best version of yourself.  This is what you were born to do.  Show the world what you can do.  Have a great day.

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