Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Simple Math for Optimized Living

The number of people interested in my food experiment is multiplying because the results are positive.  It all comes down to arithmetic.  I was a lab rat for 45 days and I kept the math simple –  subtract all foods with a label on the package and add mostly fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and seeds to my food program.  Subtract all other drinks except water and add two glasses of red or white wine per day.  Subtract tortillas (sorry, mama) and substitute romaine lettuce.  Add more salads but subtract most dressings.  Results of this math equation?  Twice as much good cholesterol, a 50% reduction in bad cholesterol, a 35 pound weight loss, mostly body fat, and one happy, healthy lab rat.  In my opinion, this is simple math for optimized living.  Are you ready to give this equation a try?  If you want to understand the science behind all this, talk to my cousin.  Remember, I'm just a lab rat and simple math is my specialty.  I'll leave the complicated algorithms to the good doctor who shares 50% of my genetic code.  Have a great day.

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