Friday, June 10, 2016

Are You Healthier Than a Caveman?

Ever wonder how you would measure up against a caveman if one were around today?  We should have all the advantages, right?  Advanced medicine.  No dinosaurs to wrestle.  Abundant food supplies.  We should be the healthiest.  Those poor ancestors didn't have much going for them.  Who is the healthiest?

In my opinion, some of our advances may be handicapping our health.  My money is on the caveman.  They may have lacked access to food but they also had no worries about hormones, genetically modified foods, water and air pollution, pesticides, fast foods, processed foods or confined work spaces with little access to the outdoors during long work hours.  Think about it.  The caveman had to walk for miles just to find something to eat.  A marathon in a day was normal behavior.  He didn't need a gym – the world was his gym.  Nothing the caveman ate had a label on the package.

It's not to late to let your inner caveman out.  Start walking every day.  Shed some of those extra pounds around your waste by eating more like your ancestors.  Give up processed foods.  A little more hunting and gathering and a little less sitting.  Give yourself thirty days to get in shape before you answer the question – are you healthier than a caveman?  Have a great day.

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