Thursday, June 23, 2016

Does Your Life Look Like a Movie Script?

It's been sixteen years since Tom Hanks and his buddy, Wilson, were castaways on a remote island.  His transformation from overweight workaholic executive to ultra-fit tropical island Tarzan look-alike almost looks to good to be true for most couch potato Americans.  This movie script is no fairy tale for me – it's my life.  I even have a sidekick named Wilson.

Tom Hanks spent four years living in a remote place far away from the life he once knew to transform himself.  That's how long I've been living in Iowa, a place similar to where the script ended for Tom Hank's character in the movie Castaway.  I may not have long scraggly hair or a beard but I do have a new body thirty-five pounds lighter that comes from eating like our caveman ancestors.  Tom Hanks worked out two hours a day and ate mostly vegetables in order to earn millions of dollars for his role but my motivation is profound – survival.  I needed to rid my body of dangerous inflammation caused by eating processed foods.  My old eating habits would have sunk me if I didn't follow the script prescribed by a doctor who believed he could help me find my inner caveman.  I'm glad I answered the casting call.  Now it's time to bring Wilson with me to our championship playoff match on Saturday.  Mrs. Caveman will be in the spectator section.  I'm living happily ever after.  Tom Hanks can have his millions for playing a caveman.  I'm content to live like one with Wilson and Mrs. Caveman at my side.  That's my own personal movie script.  What's yours?  Have a great day.

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