Sunday, June 26, 2016

Men's 4.0 USTA State Champions

The battle in Waterloo for the state championships is over.  We won.  Final score, 3-2.  My team carried me.  My partner and I played number one doubles and lost in a super tiebreaker after splitting the first two sets 6-3, 5-7.  There were four super tiebreakers out of five matches.  Now we're headed to the regional playoffs in Oklahoma City, August 5-7.  The second place team was offered a wild card spot so we may see them again should we advance out of pool play.  This makes me extra happy because I may get to take a mulligan on yesterday's thriller.  It's an opportunity to raise my game.  The difference between winning and losing at this level is razor thin and I'm thankful my teammates pulled out an amazing win against an undefeated team.

We are one of eight teams headed to Oklahoma City in six weeks.  The teams will be divided into two groups.  The weather will be a scorcher and the competition red hot.  That's the way I like it.  I grew up in the Valley of the Sun and moved to a small town outside of San Diego also nicknamed, the Valley of the Sun.  My time in the heat shaped me and my caveman food experiment chiseled away all my body fat.   My inflammation challenges from eating the wrong foods are no longer an issue.  It's been nearly ten months since I discarded processed foods and anything with a label.  As the oldest member of the championship team, I need all the help I can get to keep up in the 18+ division.  Maybe someday I will act my age.  Not today.  I need to prepare for the next chapter in our fairy tale lives.  Will the final chapter of the season end in Rancho Mirage, California in September, about a hundred miles from my hometown of twenty-two years?  My team has a one word answer – practice.  That's the story of my life – practice, practice, practice.  Have a great day.

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