Monday, April 7, 2014

Your Consistent Best Effort Is All You Need

Do you have big goals and dreams you want to accomplish?  Your odds of success in achieving them depend on your willingness to stay in the game every day.  It's all about your individual effort.  It's not a sometime thing; it's an everyday thing.  And it takes your absolute best effort in order for your dreams to come true.

I've learned an important lesson about the opposition that exists in our world.  Although the pundits may not agree on the source, I believe it comes from a dark place.  Some call it despair.  Others call it doubt.  Believers call it the devil.  Whatever it is that is distracting you from becoming the person you are meant to become or preventing you from fulfilling your purpose in this world, I do believe you have everything inside you that is necessary to complete your mission.  All you need to do is stand up to the opposition every time it shows up.  Be consistent.  Be relentless.  Be your best.  Give your best effort.  Be yourself –  a reflection of your Creator.

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