Monday, April 21, 2014

It's All About Your Relationships

I watched my first episode of Bar Rescue, a show about a man who is a turn-around specialist.  He assesses the current situation and makes changes to rescue tavern owners who are in trouble.  He said something that got my attention.  "Your bar is in trouble because your relationships are broken.  If we can fix your relationships, we can save your business."

My wife was watching the show with me.  "There's no way that place can be saved," she told me at the beginning of the show.  The two partners stopped talking and many of the employees were owed back pay.  Then Jon Taffer stepped in.  Before he did anything else, he got the two partners together for some straight talk.  Then he asked all the employees to share what was on their minds.  It was a mess.  The host of the show asked one of the partners to go home and look in the mirror.  "Tell yourself you're a failure.  I know you won't like that.  You can't change unless you realize what a failure you are.  Then come back tomorrow and let's talk."

The bar owner came back with a bunch of envelopes filled with money.  He sold his prized possession and paid back all the money he owed his employees.  The two partners came together and promised to stop fighting.  The employees became inspired.  Sales exploded.  It was a fairy tale ending.

I thought to myself, the world is broken because our relationships are broken.  Think about that for a moment.  What would happen in your life if you invested your time healing all your broken relationships instead of blaming everyone else for all your problems?  Do you keep your promises?  Can others trust you?  Do they know you care about them?  What actions do you take to show others you care?  What steps are you going to take today to heal your relationships?

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