Sunday, April 6, 2014

Every Moment is Decision Time

You're here today as a result of a decision you made.  Perhaps you decided to visit based on something you read here on a previous visit and you liked it.  Or maybe you were searching for something and this blog came up in the results page.  At this very moment you have another decision to make – keep reading or move on to something else.  This place is authentic.  I share the good, the bad and the ugly with you so you can avoid going down the wrong path and possibly increase your odds for more successful outcomes in your life.

Life is a series of decisions.  Good choices open doors for better future choices.  Poor choices give you the feedback you need to change directions.  And no choices are actually choices.  Choosing to do nothing prevents you from doing something.  I recommend you use every moment wisely.  Learn from your mistakes and keep making adjustments in your life.  I just want to thank you for making the choice to visit today and I hope you choose to come back again in the future.  Have a great day.

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