Friday, April 11, 2014

An Update From My First Community Appearance in Iowa

I got word yesterday from one of the council members in my new hometown that they approved plans to resurface the tennis courts in Williamsburg.  For me, this is like winning the lottery.  The whole process began when I was asked to appear at a council meeting led by Mayor Murphy.

"Tennis is a sport you can play for a lifetime,"  I told the group.  "Unfortunately, the courts in our community are so dilapidated they are unsafe for competitive tennis."

My friend, Dr. Kappel, chimed in, "the courts in Marengo are so much better."

I think my friend hit a nerve.  He may have found the one area where our neighbors to the north are superior.  It doesn't matter why the council members voted to approve our request.  What's important is that our community is about to be blessed with something I'm really passionate about.  I can't wait to get back on the courts in my neighborhood.  This is a big win for our community.

"I hope to see people playing on the new tennis courts when I drive by," the council member told me yesterday."

"Don't worry," I replied.  "You'll know where to find me on my days off."

I want to thank all the community leaders for welcoming me to my new hometown and for listening to me speak about the need for quality tennis courts in Williamsburg.  My whole family is excited about the new tennis courts.  Oh yes, it's a wonderful life.


Michael Mulligan said...

I just got word that my tennis buddy, Dr. Kappel, suffered a stroke. Please keep him in your prayers.

unexpected miracle said...
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