Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spread Some Sunshine Today

Today is a great day in the Midwest.  The highs are expected to be just two degrees shy of 70º and the sun will be shining all day.  I'm concentrating on my list of personal projects today.  At the top of my list is spreading a little sunshine to my blog readers.  There were some tough days in the middle of Winter.  Your friendship and support helped me get through my struggles.  It feels so good to finally say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring.  Any day now the trees will begin to sprout their leaves.  The grass is noticeably greener this morning.

Wherever you are today and whatever challenge you're confronting, I'm sending you some sunshine.  Thanks for visiting today.  Make sure you reach out and touch someone today with a warm smile or an encouraging word.  Friends are the sunshine of life.  Enjoy your day.

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