Sunday, April 27, 2014

Do You Own an Artistic License?

Creative people don't usually paint inside the lines.  They seek exceptions to the rules.  They rebel against the norms of society.  You may often find them out on a limb.  They seem comfortable there.  They enjoy living on the edge.  If you ask them for identification, most likely they will pull out their artistic license.  I decided to get mine when I started writing.  Here are some advantages of owning one:
  1. There are no limits to what you can achieve.
  2. The only boundaries you have are set by your own imagination.
  3. You cannot be cited for ignoring the rules because there are no rules to follow in fiction.  Everything and everyone is make-believe.  Any relation to real people is purely a coincidence.
  4. You can't offend anyone because all your characters are fictional.
  5. You don't need to ask anyone for permission when you're writing fairy tales unless they're fairies.  So far, I haven't met any real-life fairies so I'm safe.
Are you ready to get your artistic license today?  All you have to do is start using the gifts you were born with.  The only crime you can commit is not using your license.  You owe it to yourself to become a card-carrying member today.  Show the world what you're capable of.  Your artistic license is good for life.  It never expires.  Use it or lose it.

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