Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Give Yourself a Reason to Celebrate

Big achievements come from a series of small victories.  The key is to stay in the game and build momentum.  This applies to any area of your life you're seeking to improve.  I have a recent example of this from my personal life.  I gained some extra weight during the Winter months due to a lack of consistent exercise and poor food choices.  I decided it was time to turn things around.  In order to stay motivated, I celebrated shedding ounces, not pounds.  I told my wife, "I'm going to lose twelve pounds by Easter Sunday."

"How are you going to do that?" she asked, knowing that when I resolve to do something, I always make a plan.

"No more ice cream for dessert, no more junk food at work, and back to the basics on my exercises," I replied.

Twelve pounds might not seem like much.  For me, it's the difference between feeling good and feeling great.  It's a confidence builder.  Every time a goal is achieved, it helps me set bigger goals in other areas of my life.  I only have five pounds to go and plenty of time until Easter but I'm not waiting until I cross the finish line to celebrate.  I believe you should savor the journey.  It's all part of the process of learning and growing.  What are you going to celebrate today?

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