Monday, April 14, 2014

Do You Give Yourself Daily Pep Talks?

I woke up this morning to news reports of one more snow storm.  Last night the sirens were blaring, announcing a possible tornado.  I thought to myself, how can this be?  The temperatures were in the low 80's the day before.  I was planning a barbecue today.  It's so easy to sulk when your plans are disrupted.  That's why I give myself daily pep talks.  I need to fight back when my attitude is sinking.  Here is the process I go through with my daily pep talks:
  1. Be thankful for all the good things.  Rain is a good thing.  It helps the farmers with their crops.  It makes everything green.
  2. Be thankful for the challenges.  Nothing gets me going better than a good challenge from a worthy opponent.  Mother Nature has been testing me since early November.  She's helping me build my character.
  3. Be thankful for friends and family.  I'm where I am today because I'm surrounded by people who love me and care about my well being.  On tough days, I know they're out there praying for me.
  4. Think about the people around you who are counting on you for a smile or a comforting word.  You won't do them any good if you're not at the top of your game.  There's no time for wallowing in misery.  I'm too busy helping others find some joy today.
  5. Think about the potential today has.  You have two choices:  Get pumped up and seize the day or crawl back under the covers because your challenges appear overwhelming.  When you imagine the possibilities, it's impossible to give up.
I'm working on chapter 43 today for release on Friday,  April 18th at 8:08 AM, Pacific Time.  The main character in the story is going through some challenges.  He's seeing ghosts, his family thinks he's crazy and his legs were amputated after his automobile accident.  He's lying in a hospital bed, unsure of what's next.  I know what's ahead for Thomas.  And I'm excited to write the next chapter today.  I have everything I need – a basement to keep me safe from the tornadoes, a warm fireplace, and a growing world-wide audience who wants to know what is going to happen to Thomas Morgan.  If you have time, visit the Cyber-bistro and check up on Thomas.  He has an interesting tale to share with you.  He may not have any legs but that won't stop him from getting out of bed and fulfilling his destiny.  Make sure you give yourself a pep talk today and seize the day.

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