Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why Letting Go May Be Your Best Option

If you're a fighter, like me, you may not like the title of today's post.  You're the one who won't let go of the rope even though all the odds are against you.  You're playing the violins while the Titanic is sinking.  I know exactly how you feel.  That's how I'm wired, too.  If you let go, maybe you consider yourself a loser.  Maybe the opposite is true.   Let me explain...

Act 1  –  Six years ago at our dining room table in Southern California:

My three children and I are listening to my wife as she shares about her longing to move back to her hometown to be closer to her siblings and their children.

Wife:  "Wouldn't it be nice to spend more time with your cousins on the other side of the family?"

Children in unison:  "We can visit for vacations but if you want to live there permanently, we can move in with aunt Ann and her family until we graduate high school."

Final tally:  California 4, Iowa 1.  End of Act 1.

Act 2 – Three years ago at our dining room table in Southern California:

Wife:  "I miss my family desperately.  I'm going there during Spring Break.  While I'm there I'm going to look at houses.  Does anyone want to come with me?"

Final tally:  Spring break in California 2, Spring Break in Iowa 2, and one undecided.  At this point I felt my grip on California was slipping.

Act 3 –  Family meeting at our dining room table in Southern California after Spring Break:

Wife and two children:  "Dad, we want to move to Iowa.  We had our best Spring Break ever."

Oldest child:  "I think I can talk some of my friends into moving there, too.  I'm in."

Me:  "The tribal council has spoken.  Let's sell the house and move to Iowa."

Final tally:  Holding on in California 0, Letting go and moving to Iowa 5.

Act 4 - This morning on my laptop.

I'm still pinching myself.  It's too bad the me of today couldn't go back in time about six years to have a chat with the old me about holding on vs. letting go.  The only problem with that is old me was pretty stubborn and set in his ways and he probably would have thrown the new me out.  Oh well, the past is in the past and it can't be changed.  All I can say is that I now believe letting go has its benefits and rewards.  I have a new attitude about letting go.  It works.  My family is unanimous about how are decision to let go of life in California gave us new opportunities none of us dreamed of, not even my wife.

If you find yourself in a conflict today about holding on or letting go, consider the benefits of letting go.  They may be life-changing.  Just ask my wife and children. 

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