Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why You Should Never Push the Fast Forward Button on Your Challenges

If you're struggling with something today, this story is for you.  I remember watching Adam Sandler in the movie, Click.  Sandler is given a universal remote that allows him to fast forward through the difficult parts of his life.  It turns out that "skipping over" events in your life leads to sad consequences.  Everything in your life is connected.  Every day has value.  My most difficult days are also the days I learn the most important lessons.  Here are some ideas to consider about the value of your life moments:
  1. Each day is an ingredient in your recipe of life.  Have you ever eaten something that didn't taste right?  Something was missing, wasn't it?  If you leave something out of your recipe because it tastes bitter, that affects the overall flavor.  Those bitter days in your life are necessary if you want the flavor of your life to taste right.
  2. If you want to become a master chef, you need plenty of practice.  Those days where things are going so well in your kitchen are necessary in order for you to develop your skills.  Skip over the mistakes and you will fail to learn how to develop your life skills.
  3. Your children will long remember you not so much for the "perfect days" but for those days you supported them when their world was falling apart.
  4. Your generosity is refined by living through the times in your life that teach you to appreciate the good times.  A homeless person cherishes a warm bed.  An unemployed worker savors the day when he is hired for a new opportunity.  And anyone celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary will be quick to tell you they wouldn't trade away a single day because their marriage was strengthened by the challenging times.
  5. You need challenges in your life to grow into the person you were created to be.  Every moment counts.  Live in the moment.
May your day be filled with joy.  And may your challenges add some spice to your life.  Don't skip any of the ingredients.  Your taste buds deserve better.  Don't worry about tomorrow.  It will arrive at its designated time.  Live today to its fullest.

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