Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why My Wife Won't Ever Need to Click Her Heels Three Times

The good witch of the North told Dorothy, "just close your eyes, click your heels three times and say 'I want to go home.'"  My good friends out West may be surprised to learn why my wife will never need to click her heels again.  What it all comes down to is love of family.  These last two years in the Midwest have been a great opportunity to discover how important family is.

Never in my life have I faced cold weather like I'm experiencing now.  This Siberian Polar Vortex packs more punches than a heavy weight boxer but it can't knock my family down.  We're home.  Winter is Mother Nature's slow movement.  A new season is just around the corner.  This is the time to work on some things on my list that are hard and necessary. 

The day will come when each of us clicks our heels and heads for our final destination somewhere over the rainbow.  We have an allotted time to learn our lessons and do the work.  I'm reminded how short that time can be.  This week a member of my high school class and another friend both departed this world.

Keep this in mind today – once you leave, you can't go back.  Make today count.  You don't need to click your heels three times and wish you were somewhere else.  Be happy with where you are and who you are.  Have a great day.

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