Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Think I'm Turning Iowan, I Really Think So

"Your voice changed," my California buddy said to me during our phone conversation.  "You sound Iowan."  I hung up the phone and thought to myself, am I turning Iowan?  When I first arrived nearly two years ago, I noticed some strange quirks about the people in my new community.  Here's a partial list:
  • Everybody waves when they're on the road.
  • Nobody drinks soda, they drink pop.
  • There are no freeways here, only interstates.
  • Walking tacos are served at sporting events.
  • Dinner is served at lunchtime.
  • Supper is served at dinnertime (after dark).
  • If you ask someone in Iowa how they're doing, they reply, "I'm well."
  • 10º in Winter time is considered a heat wave.
  • When the Hawkeyes are playing, everything else stops.
  • Common pet names are Kinnick and Gable (If you don't know these names, you're not from around here).
Am I turning Iowan?  Maybe.  I like to wave at other drivers using the classic Iowa two finger lift off of the steering wheel while offering a slight head tilt.  I eat walking tacos and I tell people, "I'm well."  And if I ever have grandkids named Kinnick or Gable, my Iowa transformation will be complete.  I really think so.

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