Friday, January 10, 2014

The First 15 Minutes

What do you do the first fifteen minutes of every day?  If you're having trouble staying on track, chances are you're blowing it at the beginning stages.  Try these pointers every morning when you first wake up to see if you can raise your game:
  1. Visualize what you want to accomplish as soon as your alarm clock goes off.
  2. Concentrate on positive actions that will lead you to your desired results.
  3. Keep any self doubts or negative thoughts out of your mind.
  4. Pray.  Offer up your day to God.  Ask Him to be with you at all times on the race track.
  5. Remain calm.
  6. Don't worry about the hurdles.  Just visualize yourself jumping over them, one by one, until the day is done.
  7. Be thankful.  You have a fresh start every morning when you wake up.
  8. Realize that you can make a difference.  Think about someone you are planning on seeing during your day who needs your help.  Visualize how you are going to improve that person's life today.  
  9. Tell yourself you're not going to let anything you get you down today.
  10. Think positive thoughts.
I'm thinking about you right now.  I used my first fifteen minutes to imagine you reading this blog.  I'm imagining you jumping over all your hurdles, one by one, until you reach the end of your day.  I see you smiling.  You are confident.  And I'm thankful you checked in.  Have a great day.

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