Sunday, January 26, 2014

How David Defeated Goliath

It's not easy to topple a giant.  It requires guts and a game plan.  David had both.  Before he faced Goliath on the battlefield, he did one thing that separates the winners from the losers – he practiced.  David defended his father's sheep against predators such as a lion and a bear.  He understood that his Father in Heaven was with him in all of his trials.  David believed God would be with him when he entered the battlefield with a sling and five stones.

The armchair quarterbacks who look back at the famous battle may ask, "why did David need five stones?"  I believe David resembles our modern day marines.  Their motto is "one shot one kill."  If David were doing a post-game interview with us today, I think he would say, "Goliath had four brothers."  Yes, David knew exactly what he was doing.  He was prepared.  And he had faith that he could bring down the giant.

Are you facing a giant today?  Remember what David did on the battlefield and follow his footsteps. Here is a step-by-step plan:
  1. Don't be afraid.
  2. Believe you can achieve victory.
  3. Practice.
  4. Use the tested tools you are familiar with. 
  5. If you are unfamiliar with the Bible, I recommend you get familiar with it, test it, and bring it with you to all your battles.
  6. Pray.  God has powerful allies.  St. Michael is one of my personal favorites and he has a great resumé.  Ask God to send you help.
  7. Give God all the glory every time you bring down a giant.
  8. Don't attack a giant until you learn how to defeat all your lesser opponents.
  9. Never leave the battlefield until your job is done.
  10. Study your giants before you engage them on the battlefield.
Have a great day.  If you are battling a tough opponent, let me know how you plan to win.  I look forward to reading your comments below.

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