Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Peek Inside the Arctic Vortex

The Arctic vortex is sending record low temperatures to my area not seen in one hundred years.  We are bundling up for a possible -50º night on Monday when the wind chill is factored in.  My California friends are wondering, How do people survive in conditions like this?  I have found the people in my new community to be surprisingly resilient.  Here are some observations:
  • Families invite the homeless into their homes.
  • Companies give away free snow removal for people who are suffering major illnesses.
  • Life goes on without much complaining.
  • Iowans don't let the cold weather freeze up their positive attitudes.
  • The canvas of white snow sure adds to the beauty of the hillsides.
  • Snow days create opportunities to work on projects that are often ignored when the weather is warmer.
I'm super excited about the New Year.  I have the perfect basement for writing my stories.  The fireplace puts out a lot of heat and my cupboards are stocked with plenty of hot chocolate.  Life is good.  Cheers from the Arctic vortex.  Have a great day.  Don't let the cold weather freeze your New Year plans.

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