Monday, January 13, 2014

Where There's a Glimmer of Light, There's Hope

I just passed mile marker 1,600.  It represents 1,600 consecutive days of blog writing.  This breaks down to nearly 4 and a half years of pursuing my destiny.  The one constant for me is the presence of light.  I admit there have been some days that were so dark I really had to search the horizon for that tiny glimmer of light barely visible to my eyes.  Do you want to know my secret?  It's rather simple...

I believe in hope.  I believe in God.  Jesus is the Light of the world.  He sends His Spirit to anyone who asks.  This Spirit guides us to the Light.  As long as we follow the light we have hope.  Some of us are closer to the light and others further away.  Many are living in total darkness.  They search for a way out of the cave.  I feel a connection to these people because I was once a cave dweller.  One day I noticed a glimmer of light and I decided to follow it.  These stories are meant to be the writing on the wall that inspire others to keep moving forward, one mile marker at a time, especially for those who are living in darkness.  The light is there even it the lost can't see it.  There is a way out of the maze.  Hope knows the way.  Just follow that glimmer of light.

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