Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Find a Way to Win

My family has seen its share of oversize opponents in the New Year.  Mother Nature decided to blend a frozen cocktail of snow and ice from the North Pole early in the week.  Temperatures hit a record low of -48º with the wind chill.  My wife and I both crossed our fingers when starting our cars before sunrise.  We both made it to work and back safely and kept our outdoor time to a bare minimum.  We managed to accomplish everything on our to do list in spite of the record low temperatures.

Our youngest son faced an opponent 12 pounds heavier than him over the weekend when the opposing school was short on wrestlers in his weight class.  He found a way to win and pinned his opponent before the first round expired.

It doesn't matter who your opponents are.  The strategy is the same – find a way to win and stop making excuses.  Don't forget to post a comment about an opponent you are battling and what you are going to do to find a way to win.  Have a great day. 

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