Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This is the Best Time to Make Your New Year Adjustments

98% of 2014 is still in front of you.  How do you feel about the first 2%?  If you slipped with your resolutions, this is the best time to make your adjustments before the rest of the year slips away.  I consider the month of January as the most fragile because it's usually the month most people decide to make big changes in their routines.  Any New Year resolutions that are still intact by the end of the month have a great chance of becoming permanent habits.

I will share a little secret with you about a resolution I made that is already slipping.  I decided on New Years day that I would commit to reading the Bible in one year.  I found a link to a great source and bookmarked it.  The first three days were great.  Then I slipped.  I let my nervousness about the polar storm get in my head.  The -50º windchill got in my head.  I focused so much on the weather that I dropped the ball on my Bible reading.  So, now I need to do three things to get back on track:
  1. Re-commit to my long-term goal of reading the Bible in one year.  There are big challenges ahead and I need all the help I can get.  For me, improving my relationship with God is a worthy goal.  I need to click on the link every day and read all about the Good News.  Jesus is the source of all my wisdom.  I can't let anything else get in the way of our time together.
  2. Make adjustments while 98% of the year is still in front of me.  This means removing all the obstacles that are blocking me from forming a new habit.  I don't need to be fixated on the weather just because the thermometer is reaching record lows and everyone around me can't stop talking about it.  This is a distraction.
  3. I need to surround myself with at least one accountability partner who is willing to hold my feet to the fire.  Are there any readers out there who want to join me in my quest to read the Bible in one year?  If so, click here for the link to the Online Bible and let's do this together.  Then shoot me an email and tell me you want to join me.  We can email each other to make sure we are staying on track. 
Here is what my progress report looks like right now:  3/365.  That means I'm already four days behind.  This goal needs daily attention or it won't become a habit.  If you decide to become an accountability partner, all you need to do is email me with your progress and ask me for mine.  If we stick together, on the last day of the year our progress report will look like this:  365/365.  Are you with me?  You can choose to be a private partner or publicly commit by posting your comment below. Thanks for helping me to get back on track.  Good luck in the pursuit of all your goals for the New Year.

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