Sunday, August 18, 2013

Twin Tidbits

Twins run in our family.  One of my sisters sent me this picture from her kitchen yesterday.  I texted back, I had one about two months ago.  This is the same sister who got a twin rose bloom at her home the day our dad, also a twin, passed away.  The twin rose bloomed near the place where our dad sat on the front porch visiting with his twin during his bout with cancer.

The odds of a double yolk are about one in a thousand.  In my lifetime, I've only seen a twin rose bloom from a single bud one time and that was the day our dad left this world.  Are all these twins a coincidence?  Maybe.  Is the timing of the double rose blooming next to my dad's favorite hangout spot on the day of his death a coincidence?  Maybe.  For me and my family, these twin appearances are a double blessing that remind us of our dad. 

Have you ever seen a double rose or broken open a twin yolk?  Are there twins in your family?  Please share your comments below.

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