Friday, August 23, 2013

How to Overcome Your Fear of Mistakes

I noticed the weed you see pictured on the right last night in my backyard at sunset.  There it was -- a single wild plant calling out to me at the end of my day.  I stooped down to observe its beauty and complexity.  For most people, weeds are unwanted, like pesky mosquitoes at a picnic.  They are like mistakes we try to keep out of our lives.  Weeds, like mistakes, have a purpose.  They're here to make sure our topsoil doesn't erode and wash away into the ocean.  Weeds penetrate soil unsuitable for other plants and prepare it so other plants can move in and thrive.  Mistakes are what pave the way for you to thrive.  Once you understand how valuable your mistakes are, you will never look at your weeds the same way again.  You will overcome any fear of failure lurking in your garden.  Here are some ideas to cultivate:
  1. Mistakes are necessary.  They are the pioneer weeds that venture into unknown areas of opportunity.  You need them to prepare the soil for future cash crops.
  2. Allow mistakes to stay in your life so you can learn from them and increase your yields.  Pulling up weeds too soon will damage your crop.  Jesus advised his followers to let the weeds (tares) grow up with the wheat until the harvest to protect the wheat from being uprooted.
  3. Preventing mistakes exposes your topsoil to erosion.  Nothing can grow once all your topsoil washes away.  You are in danger of losing your crop when you don't allow mistakes in your life. 
  4. Weeds help you recover from a wildfire.  Any time you experience a serious setback, the first thing you will notice is how fast all the weeds return.  Don't be afraid of them.  They are here for your protection.  As long as you see weeds, you know your creativity is preserved.
  5. Your mistakes make you a better gardener.  The more willing you are to make mistakes, the better your garden will look to the world.
You don't need to fear the weed, embrace it.  Admire all it has to teach you.  Imitate its aggressive nature and its fearless ability to thrive in all situations.  The weed isn't afraid when the wind blows or when the storm arrives.  It was created for a purpose.  So are you.  The answer is found in Genesis 1:28...Then God blessed them and said, "Be fruitful and multiply."

Are you ready to overcome your fear of mistakes?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


    mjbchess said...

    Hey Mike, very poignant blog post today. I have been in step 3. preventing mistakes for too long.

    At a prayer meeting about 22 years ago, a lady said God wanted to tell me so much, but if she told me, I would not believe it. Sadly she was right.

    That same lady, the first time she prayed over me, said she sensed that I was on the road to Emmaus. Which was how I felt when I finally opened up to Jesus and decided to believe in Jesus with my Heart as well as my Mind. The link to Emmaus was the warming of my heart when I made that decision to believe.

    Michael Mulligan said...

    Thanks so much for sharing how you decided to believe in your heart, Michael. God bless you.