Thursday, August 8, 2013

Did You Notice Today is 808?

When my business partner returned from his vacation in Hawaii many years ago, he gave me a cap inscribed with 808 on the front, the area code for Hawaii.  It's more than just a number to me.  I proposed while on vacation in the 808 area code and she said yes.  The police use 808 as a code for disturbing the peace.  For me, it's a symbol for finding a connection to peace.  Everywhere Jesus visited, He said, "peace be with you."  He is the Alpha and the Omega... the Beginning and the End.  All you have to do to see the infinity symbols in the number 808 is rotate the eights 90ยบ in either direction.  All by itself, the number zero has no meaning.  Once the 8's are added on both sides, the zero is connected.  The number has value.  Others see 808 and are attracted to it.  That's because Jesus is in my logo.  Others claim to see 808 everywhere.  God is everywhere.  808 is just one of the infinite area codes He uses to dial your number and get your attention.

When you type "what is the meaning of 808" in the Google search bar, you get over 15 million results.  Maybe you're wondering, how did this Socalmulligan808 blog end up #13 in the rankings out of 15 million results?  How did he get so lucky?  There is no magic here, I publish stories every morning at 8:08 AM.  When you do this 1,400+ days in a row, Google thinks you're relevant.  The only reason I have something relevant to say is because of the One I'm connected to.  Connect yourself to the infinity symbols and notice what happens.  You won't have to search for anything else.  You will discover peace.  True peace.  Everlasting peace.  The kind of peace that may make you want to shout at the top of your lungs.  Be careful.  The 911 operator may have to call out "808" for disturbing the peace.  The police might end up at your doorstep.  If you hear them knocking at your door, make sure you open it and say, "peace be with you."

Are there any special numbers in your life?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.  See you tomorrow at 8:08.

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