Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are You Keeping Up With Your Social Media?

Do you remember the first time you activated your AOL account and your computer announced, "You've got mail"?  The year was 1989.  The internet was not yet a part of our world.  Facebook wasn't on the scene.  Portable phones were too large to fit in our jacket pockets so we placed them in our automobiles.  I remember the year like it was yesterday.  It was the year I changed my relationship status from "single" to "married."  We became parents two years later -- the same year the internet was born.  Our daughter and MySpace both arrived in 1993. showed up the following year.   In the summer of 1995, our family reached its full size when our youngest son was born.  Facebook was celebrating its one year anniversary.

Today, Kodak is in bankruptcy court and Instagram has over 100 million active users.  Twitter just turned seven.  I told my cell phone rep that three out of five in our family prefer sticking with "dumb phones."  He looked at me with the same puzzled look a teenager gives you when you tell him or her to be home by 9:00 pm.  "'Dumb phones' cost the same as smart phones," he replied.  "Nobody buys them anymore.  I suppose I could order one for you if that's what you really want," he said.  We walked out with two smart phones.

What does the future bring?  Will the Borg show up at our door and threaten to assimilate us?  If so, maybe we will collectively respond, "Too late; we are already assimilated."  Perhaps we will be so over-connected that we will even look like the Borg.  What's your opinion?  Are you keeping up with your social media?  Please share your thoughts by clicking the comment button below.

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