Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How Do You Defeat a High-Value Target?

Enemy number one in my personal life is debt.  He lurks in the shadows and never leaves my side.  His presence reminds me of an old saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  My enemy has powerful allies who use clever tactics to capture their victims and rob them of their financial freedom.  In order to defeat this enemy, I'm declaring him a "high-value target."  Here is my plan to snuff him out forever:
  1. Enlist my family to fight against our common enemy.  The enemy is too strong to defeat all alone.  I need my wife and children to be at my side during this mission.
  2. Cut off enemy supply lines.  Debt infiltrates through credit card email offers and internet solicitations.  Even though I put my name on the "do not call list," the enemy continues to assault me.  I no longer answer the phone when an unknown caller invades.
  3. Concentrate all resources on the weakest link.  The idea is simple and effective.  Eliminating the bill with the smallest balance provides confidence to stay in the fight.  Once a debt is eliminated, like a car payment, there is more fire power for the next bill.  At the top of the list is our mortgage.  Once all other debts are eliminated, our mortgage will be the last hurdle.  We will keep fighting until the enemy is gone forever.
The small choices I make ever day help.  I only make purchases that are necessary.  I pack my own lunches.  Every dollar I save helps.  This is a war I plan to win.  How about you?  What is your high-value target?  Is it weight-loss?  How will you win?  Please share your ideas below.

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