Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cyber-web Connections Lure Readers

My cyber-sandbox is looking more like a spider web every day.  At the center is my personal blog.  Everything is connected.  The idea is to locate distant readers and draw them in.  Like a spider, I must resist the temptation to give up when the web is attacked or damaged.  Spiders don't whine.  They rebuild.  They use the negative feedback from others to improve on the design or make it more resilient.

Here's a sneak peek at some projects I'm working on to attract more readers:
  1. I volunteered at my day job to become the reporter for our "outpost."  My duties include writing stories and submitting them for publication in the company's national magazine.  I submitted my first story earlier this week.   I'm super excited my boss gave me this opportunity.
  2. I joined the Yahoo Contributor Network.  This is a great way for writers to connect with world-wide readers.  I can submit stories based on my available time.  Click here for a link to my public profile.
  3. I set up a Disqus account to keep track of conversations that begin when readers comment on over 1,400 blog stories.  I'm notified as soon as someone responds to a comment I make on their website or if a new reader leaves me a comment.  It's easy to use and it's free.  Click here to sign up.
The best part about building a web is connecting to others.  This personal blog will always be a gathering place for readers to go backstage and interact.  My only request is that you allow me up to 24 hours to respond to an email or a comment.  Do you have any ideas to add to today's story?  What are you doing to attract more readers?  You can email your ideas by clicking here, or post your comments below.  Thanks for visiting.

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