Monday, August 19, 2013

Garbage in, garbage out

 Are you sick and tired of the poor results you're getting in life?  You have two choices:
  1. Keep doing things the same way every day.
  2. Try some new programming.
If you pick option #1, you are going with the "insanity approach"  -- doing things the same way every day and expecting different results.  Good luck.  You can complain all you want about how miserable your situation is but that won't change the outcome.  You will attract a significant number of insane people into your life because misery loves company.  Everyone else will keep their distance until you are willing to try option #2.

If you go with door #2 and stop feeding your mind and body garbage, the garbage will disappear.  The insane people in your life will turn on you.  They live on the garbage you produce.  If they are unsuccessful in their attempts to get you to change back, they will no longer want to associate with you.  These people are insane, however, they are not garbage.  They can stop the insanity at any time but they hate change or they fear change.  They would rather walk away from a sane person than change their ways.

I read a quote a few months ago that goes like this, I'm going to live like no one else so I can live like no one else.  The quote was about changing your spending habits so you can become debt free.  There are some people I know who are not insane.  They don't expect different results because they are content to live mired in debt.  They believe car payments are normal.  They believe house payments are a forever deal.  They look at me when they see me driving my clunker and think to themselves, poor thing!  They have no clue I'm thinking the same thing when I wonder about their huge monthly payments.

Which option are you going to choose?  Remember, not choosing is a choice.  Not choosing defaults to the first option.  The second choice is painful.  If you're ready to clear out the garbage in your life, please share what changes you are going to make in the comments section below.

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