Friday, August 2, 2013

Marketing 808

"Eighth floor, please."  Today we're meeting in room 808 for the rest of the story they didn't teach you in Marketing 101.  Before I offer my tips, I want to share my marketing experience at Arizona State University.  I was a junior transfer student from a community college who was footing the bill for my classes by offering tennis lessons.  There was a conflict in my schedule with my marketing class.  I didn't want to give up my lesson revenue or drop marketing so I cut a deal with the professor.  She allowed me to skip class once a week as long as one of the other students took notes and shared them with me.  I managed a "B" even though I was only in the classroom 2/3 of the semester.  And I made enough money to pay cash for my classes.  The marketing class at ASU was a great introduction.  Here are some ideas I learned in my advanced years:
  1. Own your time slot.  You can do what the rest of the world does and release your stories on the hour, just like your favorite television shows, or you can separate yourself from the pack and go with something like 8:08.  Once you decide on an off-the-wall time slot, make it a part of your brand.  Every story I release is at 8:08.  Twice a day, it's 8:08, no matter where in the world my readers live.  When they look at the time and notice it's 8:08, I hope they think of me and tune in.  
  2. Tell the story behind your brand name.  What is it that makes your time slot unique?  Is your brand name related to something like the number of your favorite Bible verse? What is it in the verse that defines who you are to your readers?  Remember, your readers are searching for something.  Give them the answer in a creative brand name that matches what they're looking for.  Every day, I get at least one new reader who found me because they wanted to know the meaning of 808.  My brand name draws them in.  Once they're here, half of the battle is already won.
  3. Maximize your brand name.  Have you noticed how many times I used 808 in today's blog story?  It's subliminal.  If you wake up tomorrow and notice 8:08 on your clock and decide to check in on me, then you will know how powerful this idea is.  It's like a silly song you can't get out of your head.
  4. Tweet once a day.  I use Hootsuite because I can write the title of my story in the "compose a message" section and then place a link to my blog in the link section.  After I add the link,   I shrink it so there is space left over for others to retweet it and spread the message.  This is really easy to use and it's free.
  5. Never stop learning.  We are on the 8th floor together today, however, the elevator is still going up.  There is so much to learn.  If you are serious about building a name for yourself, you have to keep up with all the new changes.
Class is dismissed.  Thanks for stopping by today.  See you tomorrow at 8:08.  If you like today's story, no apple is necessary; I would love it if you leave a comment instead.  Please share how you will use these ideas for your marketing plan.

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