Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Avoid the Iceberg

In the days of the Titanic, everyone had a false sense of security.  We all know what happened when the ship hit an iceberg.  Not much has changed since that tragic day.  Reports are coming in that we just had the biggest Black Friday in recent times and Cyber Monday broke records.  People feel safe, just like they did on the Titanic.  I'm looking through my binoculars and recommend a course change.  It's easier to change course now while there's still time than to hit the iceberg and risk sinking your ship.

The ship I'm referencing is that part of your life you are not paying attention to.  It may be your spouse, your children, your finances, your physical fitness program, or maybe even your leisure time.  It may be your relationships with others.  Take out some binoculars and see what's ahead.  That iceberg in the distance can be avoided if you become more vigilant.

I urge you to look past the Black Friday and Cyber Monday reports.  See through the materialism that has changed the meaning of the Holiday season.  Point your ship to the baby Jesus.  If He's on board, you have nothing to fear, even if you should hit an iceberg.  Let Him help you with the navigation.  He knows where all the icebergs are and He will lead you to calm waters.

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Bob Buechner said...

Nice article Mike.