Sunday, November 13, 2011

One in a Hundred

Our men's retreat will be wrapped up this morning.  Yesterday, I got the opportunity to speak to this special group and I shared my testimony of meeting Jesus.  Bits and pieces of my life's story are woven in the stories you find here on my blog and also in my memoirs.  It's such a joy to discover who you are in God's eyes, and then act on it. 

My favorite Bible quote refers to Jesus leaving the other ninety-nine in search of the one who is lost.  In a population of 7 billion, that breaks down to 70 million who are searching for something missing in their lives.  Those in the "one-in-a-hundred" category are the ones I'm called to publish for.  Most don't realize there is something missing until about the age of fifty.  They question their non-belief in God and begin to wonder if maybe there is a Divine Creator.

Jesus found a way to take a time-out from His ministry 2,000 years ago, get on a boat with His followers, and go to a far-off land to heal a naked caveman possessed by evil spirits.  Besides that first naked caveman, He also heard my distant cries reaching Him from 2,000 years into the future.  Time doesn't matter to Jesus.  He hears the lost calling out to Him in all time zones and in all lands.  He is the Living Word.  You can find Him any time you open that pristine Bible sitting on your bookshelf or in the bookstore waiting for you to acquire it.  Go ahead.  Open it.  Read it until the pages are worn.  He will find you if you call out to Him.

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