Friday, November 11, 2011

Frolicking in the Storm

The winds are gusting again.  It's that time of year.  Most people would stay off the tennis courts in this kind of weather.  My teammates are not most people.  They're the type to go frolicking in the storm, adjusting for the elements and having fun no matter how crazy the weather.

A few thunderstorms in your life may disturb your best plans.  You can sit at home sulking or put on a raincoat and go splash in the puddles.  That's what the men of my church will be doing this weekend.  We planned to go camping, however, Mother Nature intervened.  Instead of giving up, we decided to go to the movies tonight and then return to our church tomorrow for a day of fellowship...right smack in the middle of a heavy storm.  I'm planning on sharing some experiences dealing with stormy weather in my life.  Funny thing about storms... they allow opportunities for the rainbows to come out.  Knowing there are rainbows to look forward to can make it easier to frolic in the storm and my prayer for the retreat is that others will learn to splash in the puddles instead of avoiding them, especially if God is calling them to play in the rain.

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