Tuesday, November 8, 2011


How does one define a word that does not exist in our vocabulary?  More importantly, how does one describe something when current words are too limited?  This phenomenon happens to people who are multi-lingual when they are conversing with someone who only speaks one language.  It's like a box of Crayola crayons.  The person with the 64 crayon set struggles when he attempts to translate using only the basic 8 pack.  There's no word in the 8 pack to describe Mango Tango.

In the spiritual realm, God has an unlimited set of crayons.  Can you color a sunrise or a sunset using only the basic set of crayons?  So it is with describing coincidences that appear to be more than random events.  It's time for a new Crayola color to be introduced...God-incidence.  This color can be used anytime you experience a random event that occurs at the perfect time in your life.

Apply this new color to your life.  Do you believe your presence in the world is just a coincidence?  What if you are a God-incidence?  God set you apart from all the other crayons.  There is no other crayon in the world that can contribute to God's masterpiece like you can.  There is a special place in God's painting reserved for you and only you. 

Here's a final thought for you to consider about coincidence vs. God-incidence.  How did you find this story?  If you do a Google search for God-incidence, you get 4,400,000 results.  Maybe there is some kind of Divine influence pushing this story to the top of the first page...just for you.  The truth about God-incidences is they are all around you.  You are a God-incidence.  It's time for you to go color.


Stacey Rudge said...

Good story Mike, why do we have to just use one color at a time :0?

Michael Mulligan said...


It's a male thing...we haven't mastered multi-tasking as well as our female counterparts. Thanks for your comment. I look forward to a splash of vivid colors from you.