Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Love Letter from my Great-Great Grandmother

The treasure hunt for past memories continues.  My cousin, Mary, is uncovering hidden gems from our family history.  She told me this love letter was sent to my Great-Great Grandfather, Edward C. Starkey, from his wife, Mary B. Kavanagh.  There are several other love letters and poems in the collection and a few photographs.  My cousin sent this to me because she is aware I write daily love letters to my wife, something that is like a morning ritual continuing for seven years straight.  I had no idea the "writing gene" goes back at least four generations.

We don't know if Great-Great Grandma Mary used her own words in this poem or if it came from another source, however, it's beautifully written and worth sharing from the family archives, hidden away for about 140 years.

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