Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Frog in the Well

All the frogs around you are croaking.  Their sounds are more like moans.  Every day is the same old slime.  It's dark and overcrowded in the bottom of the well and you long to find a way out.  You tell the other frogs of your plans to climb out and they laugh at you, pointing out how high the walls around you are.  You don't listen to them and start climbing.  After about one foot, you fall backwards and the other frogs gather around you to taunt you for your foolishness.

Each morning, you look at the light from above and are drawn to it.  You begin climbing again.  Each time, you fall, however, you reach new heights with every attempt and you tell the other frogs there is a way out if you are willing to climb.  Your frog legs become muscular and your conditioning improves.

The higher you climb, the brighter the light is at the top of the well.  The croaking sounds from below fade.  At last, you reach the top of the well.  The view is heavenly.  You look down at the well and shout to the other frogs hoping they will follow you.  The other frogs can't hear you above all their moaning and groaning; they don't even notice you are gone.  The sunlight feels so good as you bask in your new surroundings.  No longer are you a frog who lives in a well.

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