Saturday, November 12, 2011

Be All You Can Be

Today is an important day for me, my family and a group of men from my church.  There are some "God-incidences" in these last twenty-four hours unfolding right in front of me that are so extraordinary, they can only be explained in the spiritual realm.

Several months ago my pastor asked me to speak at a men's retreat.  I was originally scheduled to speak to a more general audience, however, the main leader got called away on another assignment and the event was postponed.  Before I could blink, an alternate plan for the weekend was in place and I was called to pitch in.  During the planning meeting, a thought for my talk flashed before me and I offered it to the group.  My talk is entitled, "Calling."  The preparation was going really smooth until a jolt of electricity shook my body.  It happened while reading a book my pastor gave me this last Tuesday evening.  Throughout the book there were all sorts of references to "calling."

The last chapter left me speechless.  It was titled...Calling.  It was as if the Holy Spirit jumped into the middle of my plans and said, "Michael, your talk for this weekend is a B+.  Let me help you be all you can be so that the people of God can be all they can be.  I want these men to return to their wives and children after they experience the same thing Moses felt when He met the Father on the mountaintop. These men are being called and lives are about to change.  Let me be in charge and trust me."

The icing on the cake was our first retreat night together last night.  Our men's group started our weekend with a visit to the movie theater to see "Courageous."  The movie perfectly set the stage for today's session.  In less than one hour, we will meet for a life-changing day God has already planned for our group.  The rains are here and the winds of the Holy Spirit are blowing.  He gets all the credit for what will unfold today, all according to His will.  I'm eagerly awaiting the rainbow at the end of this special weekend.

My prayer for you today is that you will be inspired to seek the Holy Spirit and ask Him to help you be all you can be.  For those of you who look for patterns, today's post happens to be number 808 in-a-row.  That's 808 messages floating around in cyberspace, all inspired by the One I serve.  May they help you find your way to Him.

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