Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Open Book

The day I decided to become a blogger, my life became an open book.  That was just over 800 days ago.  I went through stages.  The first had to do with my own feelings of incompetence when it comes to writing.  Even as I penned my first story, I remember hoping it wouldn't get noticed for fear of rejection.  Joining a writers critique group helped me to overcome my insecurity about writing.

There is something special about discovering your purpose in life.  It's like climbing a mountain on a misty day.  When you reach the peak and the fog melts away, a stunning view of the world around you unveils itself, stretching all the way to the ocean glistening in the distance.

Other readers, inspired by my stories, are putting on hiking boots for the first time.  Some will become writers, others will unleash latent talents stuffed away in forgotten places where childhood dreams once danced in their minds.  They long to see the scenery from a new vantage point, to unlock their passions and feel their lungs drawing in fresh air as they make their ascents to their own mountaintops.

Thank you for your willingness to read these pages and for joining me on life's trail.  My sights are now set on my own personal Mt. Everest and it will take nearly five hundred days of steady writing, re-writing, and editing to reach the summit.  There is no longer a fear of heights, only a longing to encourage others to climb all the way to the pinnacle.

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