Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tap Your Strengths

Have you ever wondered if you are using your strengths to the best of your ability?  I remember sharing my "rubber band theory" with my buddy, Steve, in college.  I told him, "all of us are born with different rubber band sizes.  The size of our rubber band is not what's important; what matters is how far we stretch it."

Other people focus on our weaknesses.  We can spend a life-time trying to improve these areas of our lives.  Doing this leads to lackluster performances and misery.

I understand the joy my daughter's guidance counselors expressed when she told them her major is undeclared.  All incoming freshman at her school take a Clifford Strengthsfinder test to uncover their five top strengths.  Once these gifts are identified, each college student can discover a field of study that matches their talents.

I took this same test recently.  It helped me understand what my gifts are and how to tap into them in all areas of my life.  Some people close to me have been attempting to mold me according to their specific strength, focus.  At heart, I'm a born juggler.  If you ask me to juggle just one ball, I become bored.  Juggling is my strength.  The caveat is to avoid juggling too many balls at the same time.

Think of yourself as a member of a baseball team.  Each "player" is gifted to play in a certain position.  Asking the pitcher to be the designated hitter and confining him to extra batting practice to improve on his weakness leads to trouble.  Let the power hitters hit and the pitchers pitch.  Let the coaches manage the players.  If each player is placed in the position that matches his strengths and they are properly developed, that team will be a contender every season.

If you want to discover your top five strengths, click on the link and get started with the Clifford Strengthsfinder.  Make sure to order a new copy of the book as the code associated with the book can only be used once and you will miss out on the test if you pick up a used copy.

 Click here to order your copy.

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