Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Snail's Pace

 "It will cost something to walk slow in the parade of the ages, while excited men of time rush about confusing motion with progress. But it will pay in the long run and the true Christian is not much interested in anything short of that." ~ A.W. Tozer

It's easy to look in the rear view mirror and see the mistakes you made along the way in your life.  You dreamed big and plunged into new ventures expecting big-time results.  How many times did your plans fizzle?  Learn from your past mistakes and adjust as you move forward, inch by inch.

Life is a marathon.  If you set your pace too fast, you will overlook the scenery all around you or hit the wall and exit too soon.  Those aid stations along the way are there for you to replenish so you can go the distance.  My writing pace is like a snail.  Writing one hour a day is less than 5% of my available time, not much compared to my colleagues who write for hours each day.  For me, that one hour at sunrise to hone my writing skills and cast one message into cyberspace is just a fragment of my own personal marathon.  800 blog messages are floating around the world and people from far off are reading these stories in their native language, thanks to all the free bloggage accessories supplied by the Google team.

I use my rear view mirror to observe past errors.  If my eyes remain fixed on the rear view mirror of life, I may be tempted to give up.  A simple glance into my past is all I need to adapt to what's ahead.  If I'm moving slowly enough, I can take time to observe the beauty all around me and visit with others who are on the course.  It's the snails who are most likely to log the most miles on the marathon of life, to reach milestones like the 25,000 pageviews I'm celebrating today.  I thank God for inspiring me to inch forward no matter what obstacles there are in front of me.  Find your pace and stick to it.  Speed up or slow down if necessary.  When I cross my finish line, my hope is that the messages I leave will help others to keep moving forward, even if it's at a snail's pace.

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