Sunday, November 6, 2011

Deep Sea Fishing

Photo by Mike Mulligan
That's me out there on the horizon, drifting in my dinghy with nothing but a pole, some bait, and a line that extends to the darkest crevices of the ocean floor.  Others before me have been fishers of men in these waters.  Pleased with their catch, they moved on.  The biggest fish remain and they ignore my bait.  I chum the waters with the blood of the Lamb and the fish draw closer, however, they refuse to bite and scoff at me by repeatedly bumping my small boat from below.

An offshore wind signals it's time to move on and my heart saddens for the fish I must leave behind.  I must fish in deeper waters before the big storm hits and all the boats are ordered to be dry-docked.  The winds point me to uncharted waters where the fish do not know me and I rejoice as they take the bait.  Once the boat is overloaded with a record catch, I head back to my home port.  The shadows lurking below me are a reminder of the big fish that got away.  They have chosen to stay in the dark and I must leave them behind as I navigate back to the lighthouse.

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