Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome to my high school friends from SHS

I haven't seen many of my high school friends since the ten year reunion in 1988.  At the time of the reunion,  I was engaged and planning our wedding. The following year, we moved to California and started a family.  Now, over thirty years since high school graduation, I am finding my friends on FaceBook and reconnecting.

Perhaps one of the greatest joys is connecting with my buddies from "Snora" Ehlers Spanish class.  Like the inner circle of friends I have on my Ramona tennis team, this peer group was special for me during my four years in high school.

Snora's daughter was part of that group.  I found her and several other high school friends on FaceBook yesterday.  Now, I will be able to send a copy of my memoir to my favorite high school teacher and any of my buddies who want to know more about this caveman's life after high school.

In Spanish class, we all had nicknames.  I was "Miguelito Salton," the jumping Mike, named after a novel we read in class, "El Frijolito Salton," which means, the jumping bean.  One of my buddies saw me jumping around on the tennis courts and gave me this name since there was no translation for "Mulligan."

My friends were Chispas (Sparks), Casa (House), Pechas (Breast), Jaxon (Jackson), Mecha (Wick), Tinas (Tubbs), Retrete (Potty...close enough to Patti), Rita Chulita, Pequena E, and Beto.  We spent four years together learning Spanish and mangling it during our "platicas," or conversations.  I still laugh remembering some of our skits.

Congrats to Sunnyslope High School for winning it's second state championship in basketball.  I hope all is well with my buddies and look forward to reconnecting.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, all the memories! It's great still having Snor in our lives and Liz to keep us together. I love facebook. Oh, if we all could put our heads together and have those memories flow into a youtube video, man oh man! Next to your health, there is nothing better than old friends. (best to remember things now as they may begin to fade...) xo to all those still with us and to those that have past-Rita