Thursday, March 3, 2011

Going With Your Strengths

One of my greatest joys preparing for our church fundraiser was in discovering the unique gifts that each member of the committee possessed.  EVERY member displayed at least one gift.  Each unique gift,  when combined with all the other talents, formed a team that was unstoppable.

I found myself faltering in a couple of areas and discovered that allowing others to use their talents was a better way to go.  This allowed me to sleep better in the final days leading up to our event.  Don't be afraid to step up when you are in a crowd and you know that the talent you have is the missing ingredient or ask for help when you are in over your head.


JP said...

What a wonderful stewardship suggestion. The Lord is certainly giving you the words that speak to hearts.

Michael Mulligan said...

Not only the words to speak, but the people to do the job. Thank you, JP, for being one of those people. God bless you!