Sunday, March 27, 2011

Essay Contest

Ever dream of seeing your work published?  Four lucky winners will become published as part of my campaign to promote my new book and call attention to Ramona's new library.  I realize that some of you are too far away to visit at my first book signing.  That's okay, you can still join in on the fun online.  Here's how it works:

Contest Rules

1.  Write an essay sharing why you feel reading and/or writing is important.  Describe what it's like when you read a book or how you feel when you compose a poem, short story, memoir or novel.  If you are thinking about becoming a writer, you can write an essay about why you want to be an author.  Share your thoughts on how you plan to use the new library if you live in my community.

2.  Please limit your entry to 500 words.  Your entry must be typed.  Your parents can help you with this if you don't know how to type yet.

3.  There will be three categories for writing and one for picture taking.  Groups will be divided by elementary school, high school/college, and adult.  Each winner will become "published" on this blog and have a chance to be published in the local newspaper.  The winner in the photo category will become a "published photo journalist."  You will see your picture on this blog and maybe in one of our local papers.

4.  Submit your entry by email to:

Type this in the subject section:  Ramona Essay Contest or Ramona Photo Contest.

Type:  Submitted by (include your name, email, and category).

Photo entries should be sent as attachments with your name and return email.

5.  Guidelines for photo entries:  Please submit a photo from the book signing, a picture of you reading your favorite book, or a picture of you and your family using the new library.

6.  At the bottom of your email, make sure to give me permission to publish your essay or photo if you are a winner.  I will also publish your name if you give me permission.

7.  The DEADLINE for submitting your entry by email is 6:00 pm, Monday, April 18th.

Special prizes will be announced at the book signing for winners in each category.  You do not need to be present at the book signing to be eligible.  Thank you for helping me promote reading and writing and good luck in the contest.

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